There’s no secret that most of the Fintech users come from the internet, which means that a solid internet presence is often one of the most differentiating factors.

Too many, too intrusive. People hate ads as these worsen the experience and can sometimes be misleading. The way we learn about companies and their products has evolved.

When conducting their research on a Fintech company, prospective users like to use search engines, but they also read through lots of content.

One of the most effective marketing tools for Fintech companies is actually content marketing. With a solid content marketing strategy, you can win more prospects and thus more customers.

According to Content Marketing Institute, 70% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than traditional advertising.

But why is content marketing so effective?

1. Build an Audience

80% of people appreciate learning about a business through custom content.

Content marketing helps nurture and build a loyal audience and customer base. When done well, it’s about being helpful to the prospect and customers.

It increases the volume of organic web traffic to the website, generates awareness across multiple platforms, and bring in more leads.

A solid content marketing strategy has the power of building an audience which will come back to your website, not only for your product but also for its content.

The more the audience stays engaged with the website, the likelier they are to build a relationship with your brand and even refer it to friends.

But results don’t come overnight. With content marketing, you are building an asset (probably from scratch). It contributes to improving the brand image and can have long-lasting positive effects.

If you want some advice on how to build a successful content strategy, have a read at our article.

2. Increase SEO

In addition to building an audience, you’re also getting noticed by search engines. When done well, these extra visitors to your blog, this extra traffic, but also those keywords you included in your articles: all will have a strong effect on your rank in search engines.

Search engines crawl the content of your website and all associated domains for ranking purposes. You’re not only positioning yourself as an expert to the audience, but also to ranking algorithms!

Strong content will help give them a better idea of what your website is about, potentially leading to a higher rank on selected keywords, and achieve your SEO targets.

If the content ranks higher, it can also increase your website presence. Higher rank means more website traffic. According to Neil Patel, an expert in digital marketing, SEO is actually all about content marketing.

Content marketing put in practice the keywords required by SEO, increases backlinks, helps people spend more time on the page. It’s also a way to stay fresh and relevant, something algorithms appreciate.

Another important reason for you to get on it!

3. Cost-Effective

Finally, it can be a very cost-effective marketing channel. It’s organic and requires some long-term consistency, but you can get a very attractive Return on Investment.

A study by Demand Metric revealed that content marketing costs 2 times less than other marketing techniques.

Fintech marketing departments can sometimes be limited in resources, with product, tech and sales already taking a big chunk of the budget. However, content can play an integral role in generating new leads and increasing the loyalty of users. According to Hubspot, B2B businesses that blog achieve 67% more monthly leads than those that do not.

Unless you hire an agency, content marketing takes time and efforts. It needs consistency. At Beaver Writer, we offer attractive copywriting packages so that you can put your content marketing strategy on autopilot.

BackBay Communications’ study finds that 96% of the top 100 fintech produce thought leadership regularly, but the quality of content is the differentiator for success.

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