Content marketing can take many forms. At Beaver Writer, we are mostly focused on copywriting for Fintech startups. Most of the Fintech companies have or target enterprise clients so written content such as blog articles or newsletters is one of their key marketing channels. Publishing quality content consistently can be a strong driver of marketing and business results in the long-run. Below are 5 key strategies you can adopt right from the beginning to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

1. Identify your audience

Knowing your target audience is of the utmost importance. Most often, the people you want to target will be your prospective customers. And in Finance, as you know, there is quite a big difference between an accountant, a retail investor, a CFO or institutional investors. You will not address the audience the same way if you are B2C or B2B. Depending on your product and buyer personas, the strategy, message and distribution channels will be different too.

In order to adapt these messages, you can try building your buyer personas through research, surveys and interview with your audience. User personas allow you to map out and create highly targeted content. Below is an example user persona for the Robinhood trading app. You can duplicate this template and use it to identify your own buyer personas. If you've not yet done such exercise, it can be helpful for your overall product and marketing strategy.  

User Persona Robinhood Start-up Fintech Content Marketing
Beaver Writer: Buyer Persona Template
User Persona: Robinhood example Name David John Age 23 years old Education Studies at NYU Location New York, New York Gains Information by Youtube, Twitter, Group chats Social Networks Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok Job Responsibilities Occasionally work on side projects alongside his studi...

2. Create engaging content

There's no point in creating content in order to create content, or in creating content just because your peers are doing so. If you are going to invest resources in content marketing, you want to make sure that it generates some ROI. Forget about the generic titles and paraphrasing. Your audience will only grow, and your content will only be virtuous to your company, if you make it highly compelling and very specific to your niche.

That content needs to add value to the readers, and make the readers want to subscribe and come back. So, how do you do so? Well, there are a few basics you have to stick to:

  • Be unique: write content that is adapted to your user personas. Listen to their pain points, feedbacks, questions, interests and make it useful.
  • Be concise: shorter is better. Attention span has greatly declined in the past decades. Unless you're writing a Whitepaper, around 1,000 words is usually a good size.
  • Be clear: Organise the information, avoid long sentences, use lists and bullet points.
  • Be visual: Use graphics, make it attractive. Images speak better than words.
  • Be professional: Review your work once or twice at least, everybody makes mistakes and typos. Perfect the formatting. Have it reviewed by somebody else just in case too.

3. Know your brand

The content should match the overall brand image set for your company. Each company is unique and even at the youngest ones, there are already some hidden brand guidelines, most often set up by the CEO himself. Your startup is indissociable from its brand.

Tone of voice, writing style and illustrations must derive from this brand. Have a look at the Monzo Tone of Voice. At Beaver Writer, our Client Area enables customers to upload all the relevant assets about their brand, so that we can stick to your identity when working.

Beaver Writer Fintech Content Marketing Client Area Best Agency

4. Be consistent

Like in any strategy, consistency is key. Creating content can be very beneficial to your startup, improving SEO and attracting customers. If you've not been creating content in the past, it will take time before the first results show up. Content creation is a very organic way to grow, but its benefits will be felt in the long-term, in opposition to simply running paid aids.

A good way to be or become consistent in your publication strategy is to plan in advance. At Beaver Writer, we like to plan in advance, and can help you build a solid content plan. Feel free to duplicate our simple content calendar template.

Content Plan Template

5. Distribute effectively

Each piece published needs to be shared with the relevant audience in order to maximise value. Publishing content on your blog is good enough, yet it is not optimal. Each article should be shared across multiple channels, including social media, chats, in your newsletter and sometimes even 1-to-1 via email or other messaging tools to the relevant prospects or customers. A strategy that works pretty well is to share it with the same exact audience you've identified in your user persona and wrote for. Post in niche communities such as Facebook and Linkedin groups or subreddits.

Once shared, you need to interact with the readers, monitor any feedback and reply to comments. To further improve your distribution strategy, you need to set-up some tracking tools as well. There are a bunch of tracking tools available out there so that you can measure reach, views, and engagement with your content: Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs. Learn from these data and adapt your next posts.

For more information on how to distribute your content effectively, have a read at our article "How to Improve Your Content Distribution Strategy".

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